Topic Sentence vs Thesis Statement

When writing research or other formal papers, there are several key components that should appear in your introductory paragraph.  The first paragraph in any paper should introduce what you are going to be writing about, and it needs to include two important sentences: the topic and the thesis statement. Often it can be hard to … Continue reading Topic Sentence vs Thesis Statement

What is Submittable and How Do I Use It?

As mentioned in our post about the Adroit Prizes, Submittable is an online submissions manager used by a multitude of literary magazines and writing contests, including the Adroit Journal, CICADA Magazine, and Canvas Literary Journal.  All it takes to create an account is a valid email address and password.  The user page of Submittable has … Continue reading What is Submittable and How Do I Use It?

How to Know It’s Time to Take a Break

Sometimes when we write, we feel pressured by dates and confined to deadlines.  This can cause us to overwork ourselves and stay up at all hours of the night working.  Our mentality is that we have to finish what we’re writing, but when do we hit our breaking point?  Eventually the losses outweigh the gains-- … Continue reading How to Know It’s Time to Take a Break

Stylistic Spotlight: Anaphora

Anaphora occurs when successive sentences deliberately begin with the same word or phrase.  This type of repetition lends an artistic element to the work and creates an emotional impact for the reader.  Anaphora is often seen being used in prose, poetry, and even famous speeches.  One example of this stylistic device can be found in this well-known quote from the … Continue reading Stylistic Spotlight: Anaphora

Contest Alert: Adroit Prizes 2017

The contest we’re bringing you today is open to students in high school and undergraduate programs.  The Adroit Prizes for Poetry and Prose are sponsored by the Adroit Journal, a small, US-based literary magazine dedicated to publishing emerging writers.  Submissions can be up to six poems (ten pages) or three short stories (combined 3,500 words).  Participants … Continue reading Contest Alert: Adroit Prizes 2017

10 Words to Use Instead of Many

Especially when writing essays or working on other school assignments, we can find ourselves using words repetitively.  One word that is often overused is “many.”  Many is a word used to describe an amount, generally a large number, and it's a good filler word for when we don’t feel like including an exact figure-- however, this … Continue reading 10 Words to Use Instead of Many

7 New Writing Prompts for 2017

Thinking about starting a new piece for the new year?  Here are seven prompts to help spark your next story, poem, or essay.  Our theme:  Beginnings. Your character gives an inspiring speech to their less-than-enthusiastic friends about making this year better than the last.  What are they willing to do to make it happen? Your character must suddenly move to a … Continue reading 7 New Writing Prompts for 2017