Everybody Starts Somewhere

It’s important to keep in mind when beginning something new– whether it’s a new year or a new literary work– that we all have to start somewhere.  Even if you have a natural talent, that doesn’t have to mean that you’re great at something right away.  Everything takes experience and practice in order to get better.

When we start to write, we often envision things going a certain way– like writing a certain story, or getting a certain job.  However, as with most creativity-driven ventures, things often change during the process.  Your story might not end how you wanted it to, or it might not even end at all, instead fizzling out completely.  And you might not get that position that you really wanted on the staff of the paper, or the yearbook, or writing for that blog.  But that isn’t a bad thing– it’s only the beginning.  It definitely doesn’t mean that you should stop trying.

We live in a world where you have to work your way up, prove yourself, in order to be respected in any job.  It’s no different with writing.  Sometimes you just have to bide your time and work in smaller, background positions to eventually move up.  Don’t be discouraged when you hear people say that “nobody cares” about the writing that you’re doing in the meantime– they will care, one day.  But only if you work for it.  Often the same people who shame those that start small are the ones that never begin themselves.  When you finally get what you want, it makes all the extra work worth it.

And as for your personal writing, remember that you are the master of your own creations.  You might not even know the powers that you possess.  While it’s you who ultimately controls what happens in any of your works, sometimes you just need to let the story run its course.  You would be surprised with what you can come up with when you put your writing on autopilot.  Other times, you might have to get rid of the story and start from scratch in order to move on.  But as long as you are working on your writing, you can never lose.

There is no shame in starting anew.

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