7 New Writing Prompts for 2017

Thinking about starting a new piece for the new year?  Here are seven prompts to help spark your next story, poem, or essay.  Our theme:  Beginnings.

  1. Your character gives an inspiring speech to their less-than-enthusiastic friends about making this year better than the last.  What are they willing to do to make it happen?
  2. Your character must suddenly move to a new town or start at a new school/job.  How will s/he feel about beginning again?
  3. Your character goes on the ultimate quest to fulfill their new years resolution.  What is their resolution?  Why do they want it?
  4. An interesting new character accidentally enters your character’s life, shortly after the end of a friendship or romantic relationship.  Your character reflects on the risks, the possible gains and loses of starting over.  What will they choose?
  5. A new teacher at their school, an additional sibling or pet in their family, or another friend in their group.  Your character observes the changes that occur when something new is added into their daily life.  How will it fit in with them, and how will they fit in with it?
  6. Your character wants to make their hopes of “New year, new me” come true.  How will they make this happen, and what problems do they encounter along the way?
  7. Maybe it is your character’s graduation year.  How do they reconcile that the end of a chapter in their life means the beginning of what comes next?

Whether used for an actual work, or just as a writing exercise, feel free to change or stray from the prompts as much as you like.  Remember to make your writing your own, and to make this year your own!

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