10 Words to Use Instead of Many

Especially when writing essays or working on other school assignments, we can find ourselves using words repetitively.  One word that is often overused is “many.”  Many is a word used to describe an amount, generally a large number, and it’s a good filler word for when we don’t feel like including an exact figure– however, this is how we fall into its trap.  Instead of thumbing through a thesaurus or scouring for synonyms, we’ve provided a brief list of common words and phrases that can easily replace “many” in whatever formal piece you are writing:

  1. Numerous
  2. A multitude of
    (these are good for increasing word count– see #’s 6 and 10 as well)
  3. Various
  4. Innumerable
  5. Multiple
  6. An abundance of
  7. Several
  8. Countless
  9. Umpteen
    (this one is unique!)
  10. A number of

Whether you are toiling away on an essay or a resume, remember to vary your sentence structure so the piece does not become repetitive and boring.  This can be done by simply changing a few of your “many’s” to one of the words above.  For more tips on improving your style, you can follow SWN on WordPress, Twitter, and Google+, as well as subscribe to our email updates.

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