How to Know It’s Time to Take a Break

Sometimes when we write, we feel pressured by dates and confined to deadlines.  This can cause us to overwork ourselves and stay up at all hours of the night working.  Our mentality is that we have to finish what we’re writing, but when do we hit our breaking point?  Eventually the losses outweigh the gains– whether it be in length or in quality, our writing will eventually suffer if we write when overtired or distracted.  

So, instead of working when you can’t focus or until you fall asleep on your keyboard, try taking a break.  If you take just ten minutes and leave your room or office to walk around, use the restroom, or get a drink of coffee or water, chances are you’ll both see and feel the results.  Plus, if it’s getting too much past midnight, you might want to look at going to bed– unless night writing is your thing, of course.  There will always be the morning to finish your work.  

Get some rest, writer.  You deserve it.

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