Welcome to Start Write Now, a blog dedicated to informing, fostering, and connecting writers in middle school, high school, and college.

Most writers that we know today did not begin their careers as adults.  Many started out writing for local publications, sending their work into contests, sharing with friends and family, or cultivating their writing on their own.  Why should you wait?  Here at SWN, we provide tips and tricks for formal and informal writing, prompts and inspiration to get the creativity flowing, encouragement and experiences to aid you in your journey as a writer, and opportunities to be heard by your both peers and the world.  All of these things are encompassed by what we have determined to be the four attributes of a great writer: technical skill, creativity, individuality, and a voice that deserves to be heard by all.

The mission and purpose of Start Write Now is to provide young adults with a passion for writing the tools and support they need to develop their personal voice, and the ability to share that voice with a broad audience.  Writing is not a talent or profession that can only be attained by those with special training or lofty job positions.  Writing can be attained by all, and it can be attained right now.

Visit our Contact page for information on how we hope to expand our services in the future.  For now– begin writing!